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28Sep. 2017

Don’t Rush Me!

It seems that everyone these days is in a rush.  Rushing to run an errand, rushing to get the family ready, rushing to work.  It is obvious that we are a people that are overbooked.  Is it any wonder that we are tired?   On a day to day basis we have so many things planned from work, to watching the kids games, to grabbing dinner.  We have countless articles and blogs and videos of other rushed people telling us this is normal and the phase of life we are in.  We can relax when we are retired.  As if this group weren't annoying enough there is an entire other group of "rushers" that need to be called out:


Yes, retailers of all kinds. This really isn't just for retailers but for marketers as well.  It seems we are never aloud to enjoy the part of life we are actually in anymore.  When we are starting to enjoy summer, we are rushed with back to school.  When we have gone back to school all 3 winter holidays are already being rushed.  We aren't through Christmas and Valentines is at us, and before we get to that Easter is out.  Sometimes I feel like I am cheating if I eat the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg during Peanut Butter Heart season! I just can't keep up!

I hear of people in September who are done with Christmas shopping and people in October have already planned and purchased for their Thanksgiving.  I don't understand the need to rush seasons, holidays and the such.  Life is so quick.  It all happens so fast as it is!  The moments  are fleeting, and I want to enjoy each and every one of them.

I have always been the mom that is out getting back to school supplies the weekend before school starts, so your July push and fancy ads do nothing to get me there sooner.  In fact, last I checked the kids HAVE to go to school so you can bet that I will be purchasing at some point - so let me have my summer.

You see, all these things that we rush are going to happen whether we plan months ahead of time or slow down and enjoy. School isn't going to delay opening because I failed to stock up in July on pencils.  No, the only thing that happens if I refuse to rush?  I slow down and enjoy.

Especially during the Holidays.  I don't want to be thinking of the next one until the current one is over! How can I enjoy it?  So, my suggestion to you.  If you feel rushed in your life (which we all do) don't let TV commercials and department stores tell you that it is time to rush through a holiday to get to the next one.  Take a breathe, sit back and enjoy the season you are in.  The others are coming - when it's their turn.


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