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19Jul. 2016

Do You Laugh? 6 Types of Laughter

Laughter.  It is a pretty remarkable thing.  It has a lot of different forms and can happen in a lot of different circumstances!  I find listening to someone else laugh can completely change my mood.  Have you ever tried NOT to laugh at something....to make a point?  My daughter does this like a champ.  She can be angry at everyone over....well, we never really know.... and someone says something funny and she all out REFUSES to laugh.  Nope, she is angry and everyone needs to take note.  The arms are folded, the lips pursed and then it happens.  The corners of her mouth begin to turn up and she tries to disguise it with her hands or by coughing.  Then her brow becomes softer which she quickly realizes and tries to tighten up again.  Before long, she is engulfed right along with everyone in laughter.  She will state through the laughter that she does NOT find any of this funny and she is still mad, but we know better.  Somehow it is impossible to stay in an ugly attitude around laughter.

Let's take a look at the different types of laughter and you can think about if any of them apply to you!

Nervous Laughter:  This is when you aren't really sure if it is ok to be laughing, but someone else started so that gave you permission to at least "think" about laughing.  You still aren't sure so it is more of a half hearted, monotone laugh.  This generally happens when people are being sarcastically mean to others or if you are witnessing a lovers quarrel.  It could also be named Awkward Laughter.

Inappropriate Laughter:  This kind of laughter is highly controversial.  Mainly because it seems to make its appearance when laughter shouldn't. Think....funerals, speeches, church, when you are getting in trouble.  I can honestly say I struggle with inappropriate laughter.  I remember as a child, my mother yelling at me over something and suddenly all I wanted to do was laugh.  I can still hear her saying "You better wipe that smile off your face young lady" but I couldn't!  Anyone else remember moments like that!  Somehow laughing is my comfort, so even though it would seem wrong to laugh in these instances....it oddly enough soothes me!

"I Don't Get It" Laughter:  This is the laughter that we all use when we are listening to a story that we have no history or back ground with but we are stuck so have to go with it.  This isn't a story where people are telling you about something hysterical, it is a story that only a few have inside information about so the rest are all half smiling and dead laughing.

Dead Laughter:  This is when something is happening that you don't find funny at all but really don't want to offend the story teller so you give off a dead laugh.  A dead laugh is  laughter that has absolutely NO life behind it.  Getting up the gusto to give out the small laugh you did was more than you could bear.  It is a laugh that says "I really can't invest my energy laughing at this, so I will give you my spare tank energy laugh"  By the way, this laugh is extremely obvious to everyone but the story teller, and chances are.....you aren't the only one giving it.

Belly Laugh:  This to me is the a sign of true happiness.  When the belly shakes...you're happy.  Something has struck you as so funny that you laugh from the very core of your being.  It also, more times than not, (depending on how overtired you are) leads to the last kind of laugh......

Uncontrollable Laughing Fit:  This laugh is the best.  There are usually tears involved in this laugh, as well as gasping for air.  You can't form complete sentences and may have tried to speak repeatedly with no success.  You can't stop and even when you are really trying it somehow just makes the situation more funny and the whole process starts again.  This laughter fest usually ends with sore belly muscles, streaky eye make up and a much happier outlook on your day!  More times than not, if it isn't me who says it, someone says "I really needed that"

Do you laugh?  Laughter is an amazing tool that we can use to boost our mood and help us through our day! Go find someone to laugh with and remember, the happiest lines on your face are the ones caused from laughter!


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