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5Oct. 2017

Dealing with Falling Leaves

So many people love this time of the year. The weather starts getting a little cooler and crisper.  Sweaters come out, pumpkin spice flavor is added to everything, and apple crisp is ready to be eaten.  One of the things that this season has that is a favorite of a lot of people is foliage.  A good drive to see the leaves changing, or hike to the top of a mountain to look out and see the beauty of the valley all bright and beautiful with changing color leaves.  While they can be beautiful they can cause issues around the home and while driving.

If you are a homeowner or have property you are in charge of be careful to make sure that leaves are cleaned out of your gutters. Falling leaves can gather in your gutters along with pine needles and clog them.  When a gutter gets backed up water can spill and pool causing some potential leaking in the house.  While nobody likes to clean the gutters because it is tedious and generally involves a ladder, it is so important to keep them clear and the water flowing properly through them.

It is also important to keep them raked and out of walk ways. Leaves mixed with rain or dew can create a major slip hazard!  The last thing that you want is for someone to slip on your walkway because the leaves weren’t picked up and they were wet and slippery.  This is also a driving issue.  Traction on your vehicle can become compromised if you encounter an area of slippery leaves.

The key is to keep your property clear during this fall season. While raking and cleaning out the gutters doesn’t sound like much fun to most of us, it can be helpful and possibly prevent a home maintenance issue in the long run.

We hope that you get to enjoy the fall leaf peeping season. Take in all the colors, smells and maybe even an apple cider donut.   If you happen to have an issue and aren’t sure if it is covered by your home owners insurance, don’t hesitate to call us at 413-536-8380.


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