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22Nov. 2017

Creating a Tradition of Thankfulness - With Corn

We have a thanksgiving tradition in our family.  One that has stressed out every new inductee and anti-social teenager.

More on that in a minute.

I have a ridiculous memory.  I can remember things that not only happen to me, but to others as well.  What I remember about Thanksgiving?  My mom.  Always up in the dark, way before anyone else putting in a turkey.  I remember what the house smelled like, waking up in the morning eating my breakfast while watching the parade.  I remember 2 days before thanksgiving the dining room table laid out with cookie sheets and brown paper Stop and Shop bags filled with homemade cinnamon rolls rising and waiting to get baked.  I remember music playing and taper candles being lit on the concoction of tables making up one large one.  I remember people arriving and dressed so nice. I remember soft background music being played.  I remember the most delightful display of buffet food one could ever imaging.  I remember tossing the football around in the afternoon and getting excited if some of the "older" family members, like my grandfather, wanted to play.  I remember no one was in a rush and conversation and laughter flowed.  I remember the sound of the beaters going in the kitchen as homemade whipped cream was made to adorn just about every confection imaginable.  I remember people staying and chatting so long that sandwiches and chips were served for dinner. I also remember the corn.

What is the corn?  Well this is the tradition that we have in our family.  If you read these blogs, you have found out by now that we are family deeply rooted in tradition.  In fact, my son is so tradition minded that the mere thought of moving where our Christmas tree goes is enough to send him over the deep end.  The corn, is where everyone who is with us at Thanksgiving has a corn kernel from a piece of Indian Corn at their place setting.  We go around the table and say what we are thankful for and place our corn kernel in a bowl.  We save all the loose corn kernels in a bag with the Indian corn so we can see from year to year the blessings we have had and all the many things we have had to be thankful for.  It has come to be one of my favorite things.  Not just so I can verbalize my gratitude but so I can hear others say what they are most thankful for from this last year.

Create a tradition of thanks in your home!

There is great joy in being grateful and thankful.  Express it often and give others a reason to feel it whenever you can.

From all of us at Ross Insurance,

Happy Thanksgiving.


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