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4Jan. 2018

Cold Weather Safety

With the winter weather fast upon us it seems like summer is nothing but a distant memory.  Gone are the days of bare feet and open windows. We have replaced that with multiple layers of clothing.  I remember as a child my Uncle sitting in his bath robe in front of the radiator eating his bowl of cereal, wondering why he was doing that?  Now I can say I understand and would take up permanent residence inside that radiator if I could.

While this weather can be beautiful to look at and provide those who enjoy outdoor winter sports with snow, it can also cause some dangers.  There can be health issues as well as home and auto problems when the weather changes.  Here are some cold weather safety tips to help you protect yourself, your home, and your vehicles.

Cold Weather Safety: Protecting Yourself

  • Try to limit the amount of time you are outside during cold weather.  Exposed skin, even in small amounts, can be susceptible to frost bite and wind burn.

  • Use sun screen.  I know you are probably thinking that it is way to cold out to get a sun burn, but being outside skiing or snow tubing can cause something called "snow burn."  The sun's rays can be reflected from the snow and penetrate exposed skin.

  • Use caution while walking on surfaces.  This is the perfect time of year for there to be snowy and icy patches that can cause you to loose your footing and fall.

Cold Weather Safety: Protecting Your Home

  • Keep your heat at a reasonable indoor temperature.  During very cold temperatures there is a possibility of having your pipes freeze. Keeping your heat up (between 60 and 67 degrees) and trickling your water, or letting it drip, will keep things moving in the pipes helping them not to freeze.

  • Rake your roof if you can.  After snow accumulation it is a good idea to remove snow off as much of your roof as possible. This will help prevent issues with your roof and can also help keep an ice dam from forming.

  • Keep your walkways and steps clear of snow and ice. Use sand or salt to keep traction on traveled areas to keep yourself and others safe.

Cold Weather Safety: Protecting Your Vehicle

  • Make sure your car is properly cleared off of any snow or ice.  Warming up your car gives it a chance to defrost, ensuring you can see better while driving.

  • Keep your gas tank full.  The last thing you want to do is run out of gas on a freezing cold day.

  • Make sure you have windshield washer fluid in the reservoir and that you have extra in your trunk.  This is the time of year the sand, salt and snow from passing vehicles ends up on your windshield.  Not being able to clean your windshield so you can see can be very dangerous.

  • Keep emergency supplies in your car.  You never know when there could be an accident, breakdown or you are stuck on the road for any variety of reasons.  Having some water, food and blankets is important.  Also put a flashlight, flare and first aid supplies in your kit.

We hope that you are able to get through the cold weather this season! If you have any questions about possible weather related claims, you can call us at Ross Insurance at 413-536-8380.


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