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6Mar. 2018

Carpooling and Your Auto Insurance

Do you carpool on a regular basis? Whether it’s your kid’s soccer team, your turn in the school drop off rotation with other parents, or a cheaper way to get to work, carpooling is popular due to the money everyone saves on gas and its impact on the environment. The less cars on the road, the less congestion and emissions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Carpooling is a great way to save on the expense and environmental impacts of commuting, but it’s not without its risks. Do you have enough insurance to cover all your passengers?

Auto Liability Coverage

A good Massachusetts auto insurance policy includes liability coverage for physical damage and bodily injuries in case you’re in an accident. It covers the other driver and their vehicle and your own vehicle. This includes injuries to anyone else in your car. But you’re only covered up to your policy limits. Do you have enough coverage for an accident?

Imagine your typical carpooling commute. How many people are in the vehicle? Are there three or four, maybe five or six if your vehicle is larger? Can you imagine a single accident involving another vehicle filled with people? Or one large accident with multiple cars - and you’re at fault? Without enough insurance you could be financially ruined.

Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage

It doesn’t matter if you only carpool every so often or if you’re a carpooling road warrior - having enough insurance in case you’re at fault for an accident is crucial. You have three options to better protect yourself and your passengers.

  • Increase your auto liability limits. If you’re only carrying the bare minimum, increasing your policy limit will go a long way to offering better protection. Talk to your insurance agent about your specific situation to determine how much liability coverage you need.

  • Get medical payments coverage. A separate type of coverage, it can be used after you’re in an auto accident (at-fault or not). It’ll help pay for expenses related to injuries to yourself or your passengers if they get hurt in an accident in your vehicle. It pays for things like hospital stays, ambulance fees, doctor visits, surgery, and more -- up to your policy’s limits.

  • Check your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. In Massachusetts, PIP coverage is mandatory but many drivers don’t always have enough. PIP pays for medical expenses, funeral costs, and even lost wages (again, up to your policy’s limits). Check your PIP coverage and make sure you’ve got enough to cover you and your passengers.

Don’t be afraid to carpool because you might get into an accident. The benefits far outweigh the potential problems. It’s better for the environment and your wallet. But make sure you and your passengers are protected in case you get into an accident.

Need to add coverage, increase your limits, or check your auto insurance policy? Contact us at Ross Insurance, and we’ll make sure you have enough insurance for all your driving needs.


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