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22Mar. 2017

Can a Sandwich Touch a Heart?

We have created a habit here at Ross Insurance Agency.  This isn't a bad habit that needs to be broken, or one you wouldn't want others to know about.  No, in fact this is just the opposite.  This is a great habit, one that needs to be promoted and spread so that others would catch the feeling and form this habit too! What is this habit you ask?  We make sandwiches.  Yup, you heard that correct.  We are in a routine habit of making brown bag lunches for Providence Ministries through Kate's Kitchen.

This is the kind of habit that people should take note of and pick up themselves.  You might be asking - "how much good can a sandwich do?"  Well, we are so glad you asked.  Allow us to explain how something like making a sandwich can speak to the heart of a person.

What I am about to tell you may surprise you.  There are people in your community who are hungry.  People who aren't eating enough and there are children whose stomachs are empty.  We don't tend to think about that.  It isn't very comfortable for us to focus on.  That is why we MUST focus on it.  There is no good reason for any human being to be hungry.

Ministries and outreaches such as Providence Ministry and Kate's Kitchen are trying to tackle that very dilemma through volunteer possibilities. Kate's Kitchen runs a brown bag sandwich outreach where you volunteer to make 50 brown bag lunches from the convenience of your own home or office and then drop them off.  Think about this:  would it really put you and your family out to take 1 hour at home and make 50 brown bag lunches.  50 PB& J sandwiches, a bag of chips, juice box and a treat.  Make it something your extended family does, while talking to the teens and children in your home about the needs of others.  Get a girls night together or your youth group or homeschool group.  Maybe your office would like to take part.

This is something that is small.  It will not end hunger across our city, or your city, but it is a start.  One small act of compassion can spark others, and more importantly, it speaks to the heart of its recipients.  For that moment, they know that they were important enough for you to take time for them.  Yes, solving the hungry belly issue even for a meal is a good reason to volunteer to make sandwiches.  Making someone feel important and special...well that is a great reason.

If you are interested in making 50 brown bag lunches for Kate's Kitchen and want more information please call them at 413-536-9109 to book a date! Join us! You will be glad you did!


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