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20Jun. 2016

But First… Coffee

I am in a serious relationship.  A relationship with coffee.  Now before you go thinking that I have gone off the deep end, allow me to explain.  When my husband and I bought our first home there was a lot of stress involved. The list of things we needed from paint to insurance to inspections was overwhelming.  I remember standing with him looking at our backyard and hearing him saying "This is where we are going to have our morning coffee".  Romantic right?  One problem....I didn't drink coffee.  So in other words, he was saying while you are inside wrangling the kids, I will be out here sipping my coffee.  He tried many times to get me on the coffee band wagon.....each time unsuccessful.  Then came that cold morning in September. I am not sure what was different.  Maybe the brand, maybe the amount of sugar (it was a lot) but whatever he did, I am certain I heard angels singing as I took my first sip.  From that moment on....I have been forming and nurturing this important relationship.

Still don't believe me that coffee is like a relationship?  Consider this...

  • You love the smell of it.  In fact, you can smell it when it isn't even around.  Yup, much like my husbands cologne...the smell of fresh brewed coffee lingers....it calls me.

  • You feel comforted and happy when you have your mug in your hands.  It is your happy, safe place! Like holding hands with your loved one.  Yup...I am smiling at no one while holding my coffee mug.  Don't judge, you know you've done it too.

  • Even if it hurts you (we have all taken the big sip too fast while it's piping hot) you don't hold a grudge. You drink the rest of your coffee......because you love it.  Your tongue will heal.

  • When you are separated and unable to have it, it is all you can think of and you cant wait until you are reunited.

  • Many a sleepless night you may have had due to the one you love, but no blame is placed.  I am not mad at you, coffee, for making me think I was drinking decaf. In fact I fully intend to drink you in the morning.

See!!! Just like a relationship!

Funny thing...12 years of homeownership later and we are still enjoying those cups of coffee in our yard. Wouldn't trade it for anything.



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