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31Oct. 2016

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I had a boyfriend once that was so incredibly hard to break up with.  Maybe you can relate?  It wasn't that I was unhappy with him, or that he wasn't nice.  It just wasn't a great fit.  I didn't have too many complaints about him, but I didn't have a lot to compliment him on either.  He was just middle of the road and average.  Not too memorable but I didn't want to upset him.  See, he hadn't really done anything to cause our breakup, and by nature, I  hate confrontation.  I stayed in a relationship with him way longer than I should have because it was easier than breaking up.  I hated the questions.  I hated the guilt trip.  I hated the promises to change.  There is nothing about breaking up that is enjoyable, especially if the other person hasn't done much to deserve it.

Now I tried many things.  I even resorted to lying and claimed I couldn't date him anymore because I was traveling and would probably move.  He said that was fine and he could follow me or we could try the long distance thing.  He would only be a phone call or email away.  I told him I was too young to be tied down and he said that he brought more experience and could help me navigate life.  It was torture.  This is why I hate break ups.....they never go smoothly and I eventually need to "move out of state".  So many times I wish I could make a phone call and have someone else break the news for me and let me off the hook!

As the old saying goes, "breaking up is hard to do", but when it comes to switching insurance agencies it doesn't have to be if you decide to place your insurance with Ross Insurance Agency.  Having you insurance with the same agent for several years can build up a friendly relationship, but when another offer comes along that better suits your needs and budget, that relationship can seem uncomfortable to end.  This shouldn't be a worry for you if you decide to switch your insurance to Ross, as one of our agents will contact your previous insurance agent or company and explain to them that you have chosen to move your insurance elsewhere.

Contact our Massachusetts insurance agents today to see what offers and discounts are available to you at 413-536-8380.   Life isn't designed to be easy, but we are designed to help you take care of the hard parts!


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