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8Feb. 2018

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Don’t think of downsizing your home as something you have to do once you reach a certain age or a specific point in your life. It should be a choice you want to make when you’re ready. If you’re still not sure if downsizing is right for you, take a look at all the benefits of buying and living in a smaller home.

Smaller Mortgage

A smaller mortgage is no guarantee but if you bought your larger home within the last ten years or so and now you’re ready to move, there’s a good chance your mortgage will go down. Not only can the proceeds from the sale of your current home cover part (or most) of the new home’s sale price, smaller homes tend to cost much less, depending on the neighborhood and area you live in.

Less to Maintain

Whether it’s a condo on the beach or a small townhouse in the suburbs, you’re guaranteed to have less home to maintain when you downsize. Mowing the lawn doesn’t seem as tedious when it’s so much smaller. You might not even have a lawn once you move. Winter-proofing your home is easier when you have fewer doors and windows to seal. Less house requires less maintenance and upkeep.

Reduced Costs

In general, smaller homes cost less all around. Your utility bills for energy and water go down. Your heating and cooling costs shrink. Even the maintenance you do to protect pipes in the winter or add insulation to the attic is cheaper, simply because there’s less of everything in a small home.

Required Organization

Downsizing requires that you only keep the things that matter most and organize whatever is left. What fit in a 3000 square foot home will not fit in your new 1000 square foot condo, no matter how much you want it to. This is your chance to learn how to maximize the space you have. When everything has a spot, and needs to stay there to give you space to move, you’ll be amazed at how clean a smaller home can stay.

New Chapter in Life

Much of the time downsizing your home happens when you’re older. The kids have moved out and have their own place. You don’t need so much space anymore. Instead of being sad about it, look at this as a new opportunity in life. Instead of mowing a huge lawn every weekend, it’s time to go have fun, learn new things, and take up new activities.

Simpler Life

Have you ever looked around your large home and wondered how you accumulated so much stuff? Downsizing requires that you get rid of unnecessary things. That big lamp you hate? Donate it. An oversized couch no one sits in? Time to go. As a result, you’ll have less physical things to think about, maintain, and keep - resulting in a simpler life.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Depending on where you move, you may see a drastic cut in your home insurance rates. Big houses cost more to replace in a catastrophe. There’s also more that can be damaged when something goes wrong. Smaller spaces have smaller needs which means you may pay much less for your homeowners insurance.

When you get ready to downsize into your new home, contact Ross Insurance for a home insurance quote. We’ll make sure you get the best coverage at the most affordable rate.


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