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1Jun. 2015

Auto Insurance For an Insurance Agent

As an insurance agency owner, you may think that I am immune to the costs of keeping my kids and step kids on the road. But I have to pay my auto insurance bills just like you pay yours. With a total of four “inexperienced operators,” we have had our share of challenges.

My son is at school in New York City, so it made sense to transfer my old Suzuki Reno to my stepson who goes to school nearby. Like any frugal insurance buyer, I called my agent Angela here at Webber and Grinnell and asked her to shop around.

My stepson was in a fender bender last spring. Unfortunately, he now has some points on his driving record. We represent six different auto companies and the premiums varied significantly. The highest was $2,276, while the lowest was $1,405. The points for the accident were costly with all the companies and drove the price up by an average of 35%.

I also looked at the cost of collision. Collision with a $500 deductible was $890.00; with a $1,000 deductible it was $581.00. It is definitely worth finding out the savings of a higher deductible. The Reno is probably worth about $3300. In the end, we decided to insure the car with no collision coverage, which is essentially self-insuring on the collision.

We are as thorough with your renewal options as we are with our own. When your policy is up for renewal, give us a call and let us shop for you. You may be pleasantly surprised!


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