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27Jan. 2017

All Under One Roof

My doctor's office recently changed locations.  They are now part of a building that offers my primary physician, an OBGYN, a lab for blood work, X-rays, and many other amenities.  I was a little skeptical at first because I don't like change so much.  Well, I had my physical and when I checked out the receptionist was able to send me downstairs for lab work and she was able to make all my other test and doctor appointments for me because they were all part of the same team.  WOW! It was so easy!  I didn't have to drive 20 minutes in one direction for lab work, then stay on hold with 2 separate offices for 2 separate appointments.  Nope, now everything was a neat and tidy convenient package, all under one roof.  I loved it!

Did you know insurance is like that?  You may have policies spread out over multiple places because it has always been like that and it is suiting you fine, but did you know you could be costing yourself more than convenience? You could be costing yourself cold hard cash! For example, if you have your Massachusetts auto insurance policy with one agent and your home insurance with another you could be missing out on discounts up to 30%!  When it comes to you getting the very best price possible, the best way to do that is having it all under one roof.

Having one agent handle all of your insurance needs means:

  • No confusion on which agent handles which policy and who to call for what!

  • One phone call instead of placing many calls.

  • You don't have to drive to multiple locations to pay bills or get help.

  • One answer from one agent who knows you and wants to help you.

Listen, we get it!  It is a busy life and there is more to do in a day than there is time.  This is one way to save you time and money - two things that are very precious these days.  If you are interested in seeing what kind of savings you can get by having all of your policies under one roof, please contact us at 413-536-8380.  We will be so happy to help you!  One agent really is the way to go, let it be Ross!




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