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9Dec. 2016

All Is Calm

Have you ever been outside after an evening snow storm?  The sky is black, speckled with illumination from stars.  The moon is bright and shining down on a fresh blanket of snow.  There are no footsteps through it. There are no people. And there's no noise.  It is almost like in the absence of sound, there is sound.

Not just any sound, but a relaxing sound that comes from a feeling.  At this moment as you stand in the crisp air looking around - all is calm.

Cars are not barreling down the street trying to get to their next location.

Kids are not crying for their parents and siblings aren't fighting.

There are no sirens from police or ambulance or fire in the distance.

There is no background noise of TV, telephone conversations, or clicking from the keyboard of a computer.

All is calm.

In this moment there is no death of a loved one, or a grieved heart.

There are no stressing finances.

There is no worry over illness or treatments.

There is no overwhelming feeling of being behind in housework or work projects.

There is no being pulled in more directions then you can take.

All is calm.

In this moment the world stands still.  There is peace in your mind and in your soul.  You may only be out there for a moment, but that moment is enough to reignite what is dead inside of you.  That moment reminds you that among all the chaos and confusion there is stillness and quiet, we just have to find it.

During this holiday season, can I ask you to not get so absorbed in the "doing" of everything that you don't take the moment to be still.  To be calm.

This Christmas may be different for you on many levels.  You may feel less joyful than usual.  You may not have money for elaborate gifts.  You may be away from family and homesick.  Don't let the situation you are in for the holidays dictate your mood.  Remind yourself as much as you need to that although this Christmas is different, it is wonderful and it is full of new memories to be made and we will not steal that from those we love.  Remember, even in the chaos of the first Christmas, all was calm.

So take a deep breath of that crisp winter air.  Stare up at the blackened sky and enjoy the glistening peacefulness the moon casts on the snow. Remember this moment in your head and repeat to yourself as many times as necessary.

All is calm.


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