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2Jan. 2018

All Is Bright

Many of us are familiar with the Christmas Carol "Silent Night."  There is a line in the song that says "all is calm, all is bright."  I have written a blog previously that focuses on the "all is calm" part of this song.  Today, I want to take a minute and talk about "all is bright."

Webster's Dictionary defines "bright" as "giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining"

There are lots of things that are bright.  The sun, a camera flash, headlights on a dark road, a light bulb.  These objects and countless others are created to add or enhance the area around you.  We as people also have the ability to enhance the area around us.  We can be light to our family and friends.  Are you bright? How can we be bright in the way a light is?

There are a few things that light and brightness do that we can emulate:

Light empties a space of darkness.  There is nothing spookier to me than a dark room.  You walk, unsure of your surroundings.  You can't see anything - just black.  By turning on a light and casting brightness into the room, the image of it changes.  Do you know someone who needs a bright light to shine in their space to help change their perspective of where they are?

Light brings warmth where there was cold.  Close your eyes for a moment and think of sitting outside on an early May day.  It is overcast and breezy and you are chilled.  Then the clouds move and bright sun streams down and warms your face.  You follow that sun wherever it goes so you can bask in the warmth of it.  Are you warmth to someone who has been cold for too long?

Light is hard to look at.  We have all had moments of needing to squint in the sun, or we have been blinded by a camera flash. Brightness can sometimes be uncomfortable to look at.  It can be hard to be confronted with light and there will be people who don't want us to shine.  It makes them feel better for our light to be dim, or better yet, extinguished. Don't give up.  Remember you can still shine on a dimmer switch.  Don't put your light out, just turn it down a bit.  Not everyone is ready for you in all your shining splendor!

Are you bright?  I would like to encourage you as we move into the new year to shine brightly like the ball that drops in Times Square.  Reflect light wherever you go.  Let this year be the year you help empty darkness from those around you and warm their hearts and spirits. Most important, don't give up or grow weary. Be patient!  It is ok to use your dimmer switch, but don't turn your light off. This year, "give out or reflect a lot of light and SHINE!"


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