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16Dec. 2016

All Aboard the Tree Train!

What is a tree train you ask?  Well, I am so glad you asked!  It happens to be one of the best traditions that my family has.  It started decades ago and it is still going strong!  Now this is not a literal train that carries trees....but it is similar.  Allow me to explain this tree train concept.  It may be something your own family and friends want to adopt!

It starts at my house.  We host a nice breakfast for all those attending the tree train.  Usually a raspberry coffee cake, eggs, bacon, juice and coffee.  All those that are there sit around the table and chit chat and laugh, sipping and eating until we are full.

Then we get ready to go.  Now this varies based on where we go and the weather.  We have had to wear full out winter gear with boots, gloves and scarves.  While other years a vest has been enough.  This step is important, people.  You don't want to be out in the elements and miserable.  Preparation is key! This was especially true when our kids were younger, although many times we dropped the ball on this....so we speak from experience.....learn from us.

We all get into our cars and form a "train" of sorts and head out to the tree farm or wherever we may be looking!  When we get there we get out and separate into our own familial units trying to find the perfect Christmas tree!  It isn't long before we have found one and are calling out to others to see if they have found there's.  Sometimes we put a glove (or a child) by the tree and run over to see someone else's and help them decide.  Usually it is my mom we are helping.

[caption id="attachment_5089" align="aligncenter" width="225"]15202525_10211157331238230_5389781863665326712_n This is my mom at the tree farm.......we finally found one![/caption]

She falls in love with every tree she sees and each one is "beautiful"  "perfect"  "just lovely" and she can "just see it in front of my window".  It can be a process, but that is part of the love the day brings.  My sister on the other hand...well, she walks around with her tape measure looking for a tree that could go in Rockefeller Center.

[caption id="attachment_5090" align="aligncenter" width="225"]15109624_10211157330798219_2088103886980320598_n BIG Christmas!![/caption]

Once we all have claimed a tree we load them into the truck and go house to house setting them up in the tree stand.

[caption id="attachment_5091" align="aligncenter" width="225"]15202609_10211157331798244_1867798851624752476_n Jeremy getting the first tree out and ready.[/caption]






Whatever house is last on the train stop provides lunch.  This year it was my moms, so we put her tree up in the stand in the living room, then sat around eating homemade soup and cornbread talking and laughing about the day!

This tradition is so special...and not just to me!  My children are 17 and 15 and they love tree train day just as much! So grab some friends or family members or both and hop on your own tree train! It is such a fun memory and you will look forward to it year after year!


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