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9Jun. 2015

A Look at Special Event Insurance


One of the most beautiful events in a life, as well as one of the most stressful, has to be the planning of a wedding. It is exciting, creative, and full of endless possibilities! It is also frustrating, costly and full of last minute stressors. There are lots of issues that can arise while being in the middle of planning for what will ultimately be the largest attended function you will throw in your life.

These days, traditional banquet hall receptions are being traded in for non-conventional reception sites. The hunt is on for the most unique place to host a reception! This is where Special Event insurance becomes your best friend. Whether you choose the charming rustic barn filled with mason jar candles and hydrangeas, or a park setting complete with ducks and endless flower gardens there is something you should always ask:
“Do I need an event liability police to have my reception here?”
Now, most of your large hotels, resorts and banquet facilities have these policies already in place and will be happy to provide you with a copy for your records. It is this new sticky area of “destination receptions” if you will, that has muddied the waters a bit. The best thing you can do is ASK. If you are looking at a non-traditional (or even a traditional styled) venue for a reception and you aren’t sure if you need to buy a separate policy for your reception……JUST ASK!!! They will let you know if you need to provide a certificate of liability for your event. It is something that you want to find out sooner than later. Nothing will add to a soon to be married couples stress more, than finding out a day before your wedding, that your venue needs you to provide insurance because they forgot to tell you and you forgot to ask!
What if you are more of a backyard reception kind of person and are opting for an at home reception? Call your insurance agent! They can help you decide, based on the type of homeowner’s policy you have, if you have the proper coverage to host such an event or if you will need more coverage. Accidents happen, people get hurt, and sometimes no matter the best laid plans, something goes wrong. Being prepared can help set your mind at ease.
Here are some of the things a Special Event Policy can cover:
*Liability coverage for the location of the event.
*Personal Injury Liability ( slander, verbal malicious intent)
* Abuse (let’s just face it…..when alcohol is involved, people don’t always make good decisions)
* Automobile ( you take your pick up truck with your rented chairs and tables for your “destination reception” and when you get there, you hit the gas instead of the brake and cause damage)
Remember, your agent is your asset. They have years of experience and unlimited resources to assist you. What is stressful and overwhelming to you is second nature to your agent. Utilize them and let them help keep your day happy and stress free!


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