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27Jun. 2014

6 Crucial Fireworks Safety Tips

1. Be Close to a Water Source

When setting off fireworks, water should always be close at hand as an emergency precaution. The best source of water is always a connected hose. There should also be a designated fire person present to respond to any emergencies. Water is especially important to have available if fireworks are being displayed near bushes, grass or trees.

2. Be Cautious Around Animals

Pets and farm animals are often frightened by the sparks and sounds of fireworks. Therefore, added precautions should always be taken in settings where animals are nearby. Consider keeping your pets indoors or otherwise away from any fireworks display.

3. Be Careful With Idle Fireworks

Unused fireworks that are anywhere near a fireworks display should be covered or placed in a sealed container. Otherwise, stray sparks from active fireworks could set off inactive fireworks and have unintended consequences.

4. Display Fireworks Only on Solid Surfaces

For stability, fireworks should only be lit on flat, hard surfaces. This is especially true with bigger fireworks that make large thrusts when ignited. If you light fireworks at a park or beach, it's best to use a wooden board for added support.

5. Do Not Use Malfunctioning Fireworks

Never try to salvage a firework that fails to ignite the first time. If a firework does not go off when lit, let it sit for around five minutes and then drench it with a hose. Fireworks that fail usually do so for a reason and attempts to re-ignite or fix them can be dangerous.

6. Display Fireworks Only in Open Settings

Always keep fireworks safely away from spectators and dry, flammable items. For ground fireworks, a radius of 30 feet is wise; for aerial fireworks, it is best to have a radius of 150 feet or more.



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