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8Sep. 2016

5 Tips For Getting Your First Apartment

So...you have graduated! Congratulations! The world is your oyster.  You have a good paying job and are now a responsible contributing member of society!  What's next?  How about getting your first apartment? I know...I know. You love living at home and having your laundry done and a great meal to eat every night.  I get it.....it is great, but so is living on your own.  You have tackled and conquered this last portion of your life and that is fantastic, so while you are on a roll, how about you get an apartment?

Whether you are choosing to move in with some friends to offset the cost or you are tackling this all on your own there are some helpful things you should know:

  • Use a rental agency:  Contacting a real estate agent or a rental agency to begin your search is helpful.  They have access to a lot of properties and maybe even some unconventional places that you wouldn't have thought of that may work for your needs.  They can take all the things you "want" balanced with what you "need" for the PRICE you are looking for and balance it all out and help talk you through it.

  • Set a budget:  Whether you are alone or with room mates, knowing what you can afford monthly is key.  Don't even bother looking at places you can't afford. When you have a set budget and you stick to it, the process goes much smoother.  Remember in your budget to find out if things like utilities are included where you are looking and add in your other bills.

  • Have trustworthy room mates:  If you are moving in with others, make sure that you are all on the same page as far as money and responsibility.  There is nothing worse than moving in with others then finding out they are slobs and horrible with money and you get kicked out.  Having others that share the same responsibility and have a good work ethic can lead to life long friendships and mutual respect!

  • Get renters insurance:  You may think your land lord has you covered.....and you would be wrong.  Your landlord has HIS BUILDING covered.....but not your bed, clothes, lap top etc. If you want coverage and compensation for your belongings you need to get a renters insurance policy.  They are not that expensive and can save you a lot of hassle in the future should an issue arise.

  • Have Fun:  You are free! You have your own place!  You can watch what you want, eat what you want and live how you want.  Enjoy your new life that you have started to create and remember....mom and dad are always around for a quick laundry visit or hot meal that doesn't include Ramen noodles!


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