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15Aug. 2014

3 Ways to Organize your Computer

Everyone's experienced the terrors of a poorly organized computer – an assignment that should take no time at all takes hours, most of which are spent searching through file folders. What's worse is when a project is due, but you accidentally saved it into the wrong folder, but you've got hundreds to search through and not a lot of time to waste. You can improve your productivity many times over by organizing your computer in the proper manner – here are a few organization tips that will help.

  1. Name folders according to what they are: Too often, people create a folder and stick with the default name of "New folder." Before long, there are twenty different "new folders" and you have no idea what's in any of them. Name them according to their purpose, and make sure to put the right type of file in there each and every time.

  2. Use sub-folders: If you have a very in depth project, don't be afraid to use sub folders within folders. For instance, if you have a folder titled "Writing," you might have sub folders titled "Academic Writing," "Copywriting," "Creative Writing." Within those, you might have a set of folders dedicated to separate projects. This makes it easy to micro-manage all of your files.

  3. Name individual files intelligently: Too often, people are in a hurry and name files based on the first sentence the document contains or just a random name. This isn't helpful; naming the file something meaningful will help you find it later when the time comes.

Taking the time to properly organize your computer and your file system will pay off in the long run. Not only will it help improve your productivity, but it will eliminate the stress of trying to find a file that isn't in its proper place.


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