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22Sep. 2014

3 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Putting off tasks and activities might come with some consequences such as stress, financial loss and more. Procrastination in personal life and the workplace can be managed by following these three simple tips.

  1. Create A List: It might sound simple, but creating a list really helps people to complete tasks on time. It's important to actually write down certain notes and then post them in a visible place at home or work. For example, a sticky note could be placed on a refrigerator's door to act as a reminder. Such a note can also be placed on top of a computer monitor. It's also effective to cross things out from a list once the activities have been successfully completed.

  2. Use Digital Technology: Smart phones are loaded with high tech features but simple tools can be used to manage procrastination. For example, a reminder can be set to pop up every day on the home screen of a mobile phone. Audio signals and alerts could also be set up to notify smart phone users who might be busy with something for hours. Such alerts should catch the attention just as a normal incoming call would. It's also possible to send yourself emails and text messages that have reminders about upcoming deadlines.

  3. Step-by-Step Approach Completing a massive task in a short amount of time is overwhelming. For example, writing a 20 page essay would be extremely difficult in one sitting. Such an assignment can be effectively completed by dedicating one hour per day to write up to a single page. Instead of focusing on the big picture such as the final outcome, a building block approach can be taken to avoid procrastination. People might be surprised at how little effort is really needed to complete something comprehensive over an extended period of time.



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