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31Oct. 2014

3 Safety Tips For Driving This Season

The weather changes that occur during the fall months can also bring road condition changes. These changes can make driving more dangerous, but being a cautious and alert driver is one of the keys to staying on the road. Below are three safety tips for driving during the fall:

  1. Watch out for children and pedestrians: Even though there are fewer daylight hours, you may still see children riding their bicycles or playing during the evening. You may also see people outside jogging or taking their dogs for a walk. That is why it is important to watch out for cyclists, children, and pedestrians. You should also drive defensively at all times.

  2. Maintain your vehicle: It will be a lot easier for you to drive during the fall months if your vehicle is well maintained. You should have your headlights cleaned and inspected. You should also have your windshield wipers inspected. Furthermore, it is a good idea to put an emergency kit inside your car.

  3. Use caution when driving around leaves: Falling leaves are one of the signs that autumn has arrived. However, leaves can make driving more dangerous in many ways. Wet leaves can cause cars to skid because they make the roads more slippery. Leaves can also make it harder for you to see the bumps and potholes on the road. Furthermore, dry leaves can cause a fire. Make sure that you drive slower if the road has a lot of leaves on it. You should also avoid driving through a pile of leaves. Children love to play in piles of leaf. Additionally, you should avoid parking your car over a pile of leaves. Watching out for children and pedestrians and keeping your vehicle maintained are two of the keys to driving safely during the winter months. You also want to make sure you use caution when you drive near leaves.



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