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19Sep. 2017

Fireplace Safety Tips

Now that cooler weather is approaching, your fireplace may be calling your name. Before you light your first fire of the season, make sure your fireplace, your home, and your family are ready and safe. Take care of your fireplace now so that you can stay warm, cozy, and most…


14Sep. 2017

Calming College Chaos

This is a special time of year when college campuses will once again be filled with students returning or just starting out. There is something exciting about being on a college campus. For a lot of kids, it is their first taste of freedom outside of the home and the…


14Sep. 2017

Inexpensive Home Updates with a Big Impact

Not every home improvement project has to involve a lot of time or money. With some elbow grease and a small budget, you can give your home an update without breaking the bank. The smallest changes often make the biggest impact.

Faux Wainscoting


12Sep. 2017

6 Reasons Why We Love the Big E

Now that Labor Day is over, it’s time to turn our attention to what may be the most fun time of year in New England - the Big E. This year, the massive fair runs from September 15 through October 1, 2017. To see and do everything available at the…



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