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20Nov. 2017

Child Safety and Prevention Month

More than 2,200 children die every year in the United States from injuries that happen at home. That’s six children every day. November is Child Safety and Prevention Month. Now is the time to be aware of safety precautions you can take around your home so your…


17Nov. 2017

The Holiday Trifecta of Terror

Can you sense it coming? Can you feel it in the air? You must know what I am talking about. That moment that sweeps over and hits us like a tidal wave! When we are going on our way, content and in a routine and all of a sudden it…


16Nov. 2017

Cracked Windshields and Comprehensive Coverage

So, a few months ago, we were driving down the highway talking away (ok, I was talking) on our way to church. As per usual, we were running late. I know - I don't understand it either. As we were about to get off our exit, we passed a large…


14Nov. 2017

6 Overlooked Benefits of Renters Insurance

You probably already know that renters insurance covers all of your stuff if your apartment or rental is broken into or damaged. But there are several other benefits you might not know about that make renters insurance worth the cost.

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