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20Jan. 2014

Get the right insurance policy for your business

If you own a business, you know the need for a good business insurance policy. You probably are aware of the basic coverage that is offered to every business, but your business is special. It’s unique. It deserves its own insurance plan that will cover all those problems that could…


13Jan. 2014

Burst pipes and your insurance

Considering we are now naming snow storms and experiencing odd weather phenomena like Derechos and Polar Vortexes here in the Northeast, it is safe to say that the weather is unpredictable and strange. Because of the fluctuation in temperatures from unseasonably warm 60° to a more than freezing -15° with…


8Jan. 2014

Weathering the Storm

Severe weather can happen at any time of year. The impact can be devastating for you, your family and your property.

To help you prepare, MAPFRE Commerce Insurance is now offering a Severe Weather Center on their website. This free service includes important tips on how…


7Jan. 2014

Turning the Tide on Business Flood Insurance

I vividly remember watching the local news footage of Tropical Storm Irene’s destruction as heavy rains pounded our region on August 28, 2011.

Throughout Western Massachusetts and parts of Vermont, rivers swelled to levels never seen before and roads and bridges were literally washed away. It…



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