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4Feb. 2014

Rental Car Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Today, traveling seems more stressful than ever. We've all had the experience of rushing through an airport, picking up luggage at the baggage claim and then hustling over to the car rental desk. The person at the counter reviews your rental agreement, and asks if you’d like to purchase the…


3Feb. 2014

Riding your motorcycle in the winter

When you think about riding your motorcycle, what do you imagine? Do you picture a warm spring day with a cool breeze flowing over you? Perhaps it’s even a little too warm and you actually stop to remove a layer or two. …Or do you picture the total opposite with…


27Jan. 2014

Have you ever missed a payment on one of your bills?

It may have just slipped your mind or you might not have had enough to pay it by its due date. In a lot of cases, your creditors may give you a grace period of a few days or so to pay your bill after the due date. But that…


22Jan. 2014

You Can Help in 3 Easy Steps

Please Help Name Webber and Grinnell The Best Local Insurance Agency!

Voting has begun for the annual Best of the Valley Reader's Poll, conducted by the Valley Advocate. Please place your vote now to help Webber and Grinnell win the title of Best Local Insurance Agency for…



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