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23Jan. 2018

Preventing The Dreaded Ice Dam

With winter here, ice dams are a very real problem for Massachusetts homeowners. An ice dam is a continuous chunk of ice that’s formed around the edge of your roof. By itself, it’s not too bad. The problems for homeowners - and your insurance premiums - occur once the snow…


18Jan. 2018

How Your Hobbies Can Impact Your Insurance

Hobbies that involve expensive collections like, art, musical instruments, and guns can require additional insurance coverages. While other hobbies, like extreme sports, can make finding life insurance next to impossible. Since January is National Hobby Month, we thought that this would the perfect time to review this information with you.


16Jan. 2018

Selling Your Home in the Winter

Common wisdom might tell you that you should only sell your home in the spring or summer months when buyers are most often looking, but that’s not necessarily true. While every area has its own season for real estate, winter can be a great time to sell your home. If…


12Jan. 2018

Give the Gift of Warmth

We all know that feeling. The one where you step outside and you instantly can't breathe. You feel like any exposed area is quickly freezing and you can barely feel your finger tips! I know that we live in New England, so we should, to some extent, feel familiar with…



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