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12Sep. 2014

Employee Profile: Jennifer Ewers

Meet Jennifer Ewers, Business Development Specialist at Webber and Grinnell.

Newcomers to the area and the agency can expect much more than a personal insurance quote when they contact Jennifer. She enjoys welcoming people to the area and builds lasting relationships that extend well beyond the office.…


9Sep. 2014

3 Child Safety Tips in the Car

When your child is in the car, you need to make sure you follow some tips to ensure the safety of the child. Some states have laws related to passenger safety when it comes to children, so you need to examine these first.

  1. Quiet In The Car:


2Sep. 2014

Why to Insure Your Fall Wedding

In addition to being the biggest day of your life, a wedding is a huge investment. What do you do if something goes wrong? If you don't have wedding insurance, then there is no way to recoup your investment. By guaranteeing that your wedding is insured, you can rest easy…


1Sep. 2014

Employee or Subcontractor?  The Line Is Blurry

As business owners, our quest for increased efficiency and cost effective solutions has led many of us to hire subcontractors. It often makes sense to subcontract for work outside of your expertise or for extra work during abnormally busy times of the year.

From an insurance…



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