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22Dec. 2014

About Those Damn Ice Dams

With the recent arctic blasts, it feels like winter has come early to the Pioneer Valley. And when winter comes, so do the ice dams for many of our clients.

The good news is that homeowners insurance will cover damage caused by ice dams, subject to your…


19Dec. 2014

Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow should not keep you stuck inside your home. There are safe ways that you can clear snow from your driveway so that you can walk to the mailbox or so that you can get your car out of the driveway to get to work or the store.


13Dec. 2014

Safe Toys and Gifts For The Holidays

December is Safe Toys And Gifts Month. It is estimated that there were nearly 252,000 serious toy-related injuries in 2012. Seventy-two percent of these injuries occurred in children who were under the age of 15. There were also 19 million toys recalled worldwide because of safety concerns.


3Dec. 2014

Making Homemade Holiday Cards: 3 Tips

The generic holiday cards sold in stores are convenient although they are also impersonal. A growing trend is to create homemade holiday cards that reflect your personality and the interests of the recipient. Making these cards is not difficult. A few tips will help you to create attractive and memorable…



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