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15Feb. 2018

Protecting Those Valuables

Did you get something nice over the holidays? A new piece of jewelry? The latest expensive tech gadget? An antique for your growing collection? If you received anything of monetary value as a gift, it is worth your time and effort to contact your insurance agent. Your basic home…


13Feb. 2018

Going Green: 8 Things to Consider Before Switching to an Electric Vehicle

You’ve changed your light bulbs to LEDs while also contemplating going solar. You recycle everything you can, always bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and think a lot about your carbon footprint. It makes sense that an electric vehicle is on your list of ways to help both the…


12Feb. 2018

Life Insurance is More Romantic Than You Thought

Insurance doesn’t sound like the most romantic gift you can give, does it? It probably seems right up there with a new toaster or a vacuum cleaner - and you know what kind of reaction you get to those gifts. On Valentine’s Day, don’t neglect the special dinner or fun…


8Feb. 2018

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Don’t think of downsizing your home as something you have to do once you reach a certain age or a specific point in your life. It should be a choice you want to make when you’re ready. If you’re still not sure if downsizing is right for you, take a…



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