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21Sep. 2015

Does the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club REALLY Make a Difference?  You Decide!

We are so proud at Ross Insurance to give you this inspirational story of one of the many success stories that comes out of the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club. We could tell you it's a great program that does a lot of good, but there is something about hearing…


4Sep. 2015

Biking the Extra Mile for You

Rich Webber and I know that not all insurance needs conform to weekday business hours. Check out Rich’s story below of how his Sunday bike ride got rerouted on July 19th:

At about 10 a.m., I was in my driveway getting ready to take off for a…


25Aug. 2015

Household Help and Your Homeowners Policy

Image: Hellogiggles.com

Do you think Mike and Carol Brady had coverage for Alice’s injury?

If they were living in Massachusetts now, they would need a worker’s compensation policy because Alice worked exclusively for them and for more than 16 hours each week.


14Aug. 2015

Certificates of Insurance: A Basic Yet Complex Risk Management Strategy

Managing the risk of your business requires more than a good safety plan. Ensuring that your vendors and suppliers have adequate insurance to cover potential claims is equally important. The first step is to obtain a certificate of insurance.

A certificate of insurance shows proof of a…



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