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14Jun. 2016

Keeping Yourself Protected Against ID Theft

With all the new advances in technology it was bound to happen. People take what is intended for good and use it for evil. We are talking Identity Theft. It is on the rise and can cause more than just a little headache. Not only can thieves take your identity,…


9Jun. 2016

Why Did My Auto Insurance Rates Increase?

If you’ve ever spent time wondering why your auto insurance went up, especially if you haven’t gotten into any major accidents, it’s time to find out some of the common and not-so-common reasons why your insurance rates continue to increase.

Your Commute is Longer

Whether it’s because you…


7Jun. 2016

The Buzz on Medical Marijuana

In recent years, twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal marijuana. If you are someone who is using medical marijuana to manage pain, control a seizure disorder or keep nausea in check, and you are also out in the working world, you should be sure to ask…


5Apr. 2016

Delivering Goods? See What Your Auto Policy Delivers.

There are clear dos and don’ts regarding how a private passenger auto can be used when it’s covered under a Massachusetts personal auto policy.

If you repair furniture and occasionally use your car to drop off a rocking chair at a client’s home, that’s an allowable use.…



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