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7Jul. 2016

I Eat, Therefore, I Am

I love to eat. I wake up in the morning thinking about dinner. That’s right, I skip right to dinner. I don’t waste my precious brain space on trivial meals like breakfast and lunch. Oh, they will get eaten….trust me. It’s just they are more like a warm up to…


6Jul. 2016

Business Income Protection: The Devil’s in the Details

After a sinkhole created a crater in the middle of Main Street in Springfield in early May, causing power outages and waterline disruption, several big businesses took a big hit. Local media reported that Tower Square and the Springfield Marriott were forced to shut their doors; the Marriott was forced…


6Jul. 2016

I Love A Good Storm

It feels like it has been ages since there was a good storm where I live. Yes, we have had the occasional crash of distant thunder or sudden flashes of heat lightning, but that isn't what I want. I want the storm when the sky turns black. The wind kicks…


29Jun. 2016

HGTV and Real Life

I can simultaneously love and hate HGTV. In one second I love to see the inspiration and transformation stories and in the next second I am screaming at the TV when people in Home Depot pass up the chance to be on Yard Crashers. I mean, I haven't seen your…



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