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3Oct. 2016

Announcing the Webber & Grinnell Employee Benefits Division

We have partnered for many years with Ernst Financial Group of East Longmeadow to offer group benefits services to our commercial lines customers, and we are pleased to announce that Webber & Grinnell has recently purchased Ernst’s group benefits department. We want to welcome the 100-plus corporate clients of Ernst…


3Oct. 2016

What’s New With You?

We live in a world of constant change. Sometimes change is out of our control and other times it is desired. It can be as simple as wanting to change the color of your living room or as drastic as being transferred for work to another state. Change is occurring…


30Sep. 2016

Childproofing Checklist

There are many amazing things that accompany having a child. Milestones that happen when you least expect it and it reminds you that all too quickly they are growing up. One of the greatest things that happens as a parent is those first steps. You watch them wobble and fall,…


28Sep. 2016

Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Company

So many people have the terms Insurance Agent and Insurance Company confused. They think they are one in the same. In fact they are not the same at all.

The Ross Insurance Agency is an independent, locally owned insurance agency. We represent many insurance companies so we…



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