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12Oct. 2016

Insurance Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Before I started working in the insurance industry, I have to admit, I bought into a lot of "myths" about owning a car. We could also phrase these as misunderstandings that people have. For example, premium gas is better for your car, red cars get more speeding tickets, and collision…


10Oct. 2016

I Am Upset

I am upset. I am actually more than upset. I am frustrated, sad, nervous and angry at the state of the world in which I live in, and mournful for the childhood I had. Maybe it was the total lack information at your disposal but if it didn't come out…


7Oct. 2016

4 Insurance Buying Mistakes

When it comes to purchasing an insurance policy, many people think that it is all about price. Yes, it is important to pick insurance that will fit within your budget, but when you reduce coverage to reduce costs, you could end up paying more. Here are 4 cost cutting mistakes…


5Oct. 2016

Get Out, Get Active

With winter gone its time to finally break out of our hibernation mode and start getting more active. Problem is that we might have hibernated a little too much this year and packed on a few extra holiday pounds than we’d like to admit. It's easy to bury yourself in…



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