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6Feb. 2017

Reduce Clutter and Help Others

Most of us don't think of giving year round. We may feel more generous around the Holiday seasons or when the weather gets a little colder, but other than that, we don't spend much time thinking about it. It is a wonderful thing to give during the Holidays, and yes…


27Jan. 2017

All Under One Roof

My doctor's office recently changed locations. They are now part of a building that offers my primary physician, an OBGYN, a lab for blood work, X-rays, and many other amenities. I was a little skeptical at first because I don't like change so much. Well, I had my physical and…


25Jan. 2017

6 Surprising Things That Aren’t Covered By Your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

When you bought your home - and the insurance policy to go with it - you probably thought you were covered from anything that could happen. You don’t want to file a claim, but it’s good to know you have coverage if you need it.

Then your…


23Jan. 2017

Safe Winter Driving Habits

Winter driving doesn't just apply for New England states like Connecticut and Massachusetts. It seems that even southern states are running into similar winter weather. This year, record breaking lows are popping up all over the country which is why all drivers, no matter what state they live in, should…



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