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16Mar. 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Pride

This is a big weekend coming up if you live in or anywhere near Holyoke MA. For some, this weekend will come and go like many others. Nothing special will happen and a new week will come. That's ok! This magical weekend isn't for everyone.....but make NO mistake EVERYONE is…


15Mar. 2017

Don’t Rely on Luck Alone! Rely On Your Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent!


When you have a near-miss on the road or a big storm leaves your home intact, you probably feel pretty lucky. You’re glad you avoided disaster.

The longer you go without filing a claim or thinking about your insurance, you might start to…


27Feb. 2017

Ask the Advisor: Jewelry Matters

By Jennifer Craig Ewers, Webber and Grinnell Insurance

If you are giving your Valentine a valuable piece of jewelry this season, you’ll want to cover it with more than a bow! Once it’s unwrapped, chances are your homeowners' policy is not enough to replace it if it…


27Feb. 2017

Do You Need Full Coverage?

When you start looking around at ways to cut costs, auto insurance is usually the first victim. You may think that you have too much insurance or that you don’t need full coverage anymore because you haven’t made a claim in a while.

While removing full…



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