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30Jun. 2017

7 Tips To Help You Keep Your Dog Cool

So many people would say summer is the best time to have a dog. It seems in the middle of winter, when it is freezing and snowing, no one wants to walk or play outside with a dog. Summer on the other hand is fantastic. Longer days and more sunshine…


28Jun. 2017

Keeping Your Kids Active In The Summer

With the end of school fast approaching I thought it would be good to talk about summer plans! Most of the time I tend to have ZERO plans for the kids through the summer. In fact I wrote a post about having absolutely nothing planned for my kids a…


26Jun. 2017

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

The best way to keep your home in the best possible condition and avoid damage, problems, and other home maintenance nightmares is to take care of your home all year long. Certain maintenance items can and should be done seasonally.

Take a look at our checklist of…


23Jun. 2017

When Your Child Breaks Your Heart

There are times that you can remember in your life when you felt your heart break. It is a distinctive feeling and one that you don't forget. You may forget the pain and the sadness that came with it but you still remember the situation surrounding the heartbreak. Isn't it…



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