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17Apr. 2018

Bon Jovi, Boston, and My Boyfriend.

I recently had the opportunity to go into my very favorite city, Boston. For my birthday in January I was given tickets to see Bon Jovi and lets just say April could NOT get here fast enough. I had two tickets. Hmmm.....who should I take? The choice was pretty easy.…


12Apr. 2018

Money Makeover

I like to spend money. I love getting packages in the mail and trying on new clothes. There is one problem, though. I have no money. My husband calls me the "richest poor person he knows" and that is accurate. He has been trying to get us on the same…


10Apr. 2018

Save Me From Grocery Store Rage!

I know a lot of people that have road rage. I am one of those people and even wrote a blog post about it. It is something I struggle with, and I admit it. What I am about to admit to you is a different kind of rage that…


5Apr. 2018

Get the Kids Outdoors

Did the kids spend the entire winter cooped up, away from the cold, and living on their electronic devices? Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get the kids out of the house and back into some fresh air. Here are several activities you can do with your kids…



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